• General Resources for Macroeconomics and Financial Economics
  • Brendan Price with resources for PhD students
  • Pavel Solís with a wide array of recommended resources
  • Shanjun Li with resources for PhD students
  • Masayuki Kudamatsu with tips for economists
  • Alex Albright with resources focusing on R and data science
  • Awesome Economics with a collection of links for economists
  • Christine Cai with a collection of links
  • Guillaume Dalle with a collection, mostly in French
  • Chris Blattman with a great collection of personal advice
  • Econ Grad Advice with a frequently updated list
  • Mental Health

  • Noah Smith with a few thoughts on depression
  • Scott Cunningham on struggles of Econ PhD students
  • Learning your Production Function

    Grad Life

  • Deirdre McCloskey on how to be a good graduate student
  • Eric Zwick on the 12-step program for graduate school
  • Alex Zentefis on general PhD advice
  • Laura Blattner on 15 rules to help you make it through grad school
  • Matthew Pearson on how to survive your first year
  • Reddit on how to write good emails

  • Working on Projects

    Generating Ideas

  • Brendan Price on how to read papers
  • Steve Pischke on getting started on research in economics
  • Amy Finkelstein on how her most projects fail
  • Don Davis on getting started on your thesis
  • David Perell on avoiding cliche ideas
  • Ben Olken on failed projects
  • Coding

  • Mitchell Peterson on clustering standard errors
  • Merely Useful on Research Software Engineering with Python
  • Malcolm Wardlaw on Stata programming
  • Marco Sammon on using Python for text analysis
  • Library of Statistical Techniques for working across languages
  • Walter Zhang with an intro to using the cluster at Chicago Booth
  • Arthur Turrell with coding for economists
  • Stata & R with a side-by-side comparison

  • Writing & Presenting Your Work


  • Paul Goldsmith-Pinkham on presentations in beamer
  • Keith Head on regression tables
  • Arpit Gupta with some advice on framing the work
  • Academic Phrasebank, a database of common phrases used in papers
  • Attending

  • Josh Kaufman on how to ask useful questions
  • Presenting

  • Adam Guren on structuring your talk
  • Jesse Shapiro on giving an applied micro talk
  • Rachael Meager on public speaking for academic economists
  • Jonathan Shewchuk on giving an academic talk
  • Rochelle Terman on building an academic web presence
  • Andrew Lo on home studio setup
  • Manuscript

  • Keith Head, Don Cox, and David Evans on writing your introduction
  • John Cochrane on writing tips for PhD students
  • Claudia Goldin and Lawrence Katz on writing your job market paper
  • Michael Kremer on the checklist when writing papers
  • Michael Roberts on writing
  • Tatyana Deryugina on writing, especially the JMP
  • Figures & Tables

  • Eric Zwick on the art of creating graphs
  • Jonathan A. Schwabish's AEA article, NBER lecture, and book
  • Claus O. Wilke on Fundamentals of Data Visualization
  • EconGraphs with interactive visualizations
  • Publishing

  • Matt Ayres on revising in response to referee comments
  • Conferences

    PhD Student Conferences


    Evaluating Other Work


  • Chris Blattman on the art of discussing
  • Sample Discussions

    Macro Finance

    Monika Piazzesi, Daniel Greenwald, Itamar Drechsler, Urban Jermann, John Cochrane, Lawrence Schmidt, Jonathan Parker, Nicolas Crouzet, Amir Kermani, Annette Vissing-Jorgensen, Hanno Lustig, Gabriel Chodorow-Reich

    Financial Intermediation

    Juliane Begenau, Konstantin Milbradt

    Household / Public Finance

    Arpit Gupta, Emil Verner, Christopher Palmer, Anthony DeFusco, Lorenz Kueng, Amir Kermani, Jialan Wang, Sasha Indarte, Kristoph Kleiner

    Empirical Asset Pricing

    Kent Daniel, Stefan Nagel, Eben Lazarus, Christian Julliard


    Academic Job Market

  • Chris Blattman on academic job market advice*
  • John Cawley on the academic job market
  • Eric Zwick on how he learned to stop worrying and love the job market
  • David Laibson with his job market advice
  • Adam Guren with his job market advice
  • Andrew Johnston on how to dress for a job market interview
  • Sasha Indarte on how to organize the job market information
  • Manish Jha with Finance Job Market Advice based on 2020-21 experience
  • David Schindler on the European job market
  • Tatyana Deryugina with a suggested job market timeline
  • Non-Academic Job Market

  • Scarlet Chen on her journey from Econ PhD to Tech
  • Rose Tan on her journey from Econ PhD to Tech
  • AEA Career Development Webinars with useful fireside chats
  • Matthew Hom on private sector jobs for Economics PhDs
  • Derek Snow with ML and Quant Finance resources

  • Teaching Notes

    PhD Notes

  • Jesús Fernández-Villaverde on macro, finance, and economic history
  • Matthieu Gomez on macro finance
  • Ralph Koijen on empirical asset pricing
  • David Backus on asset pricing with a focus on macro
  • Paul Goldsmith-Pinkham on applied methods
  • Grant McDermott on data science for economists
  • Matt Woerman on topics in advanced econometrics
  • Robert A. Miller on structural econometrics
  • General Notes


  • IMF Back to Basics
  • Page One Economics
  • History of Economic Thought
  • Language, Confusion, and Models in Empirical Economics

  • Literature Review

  • Perspectives in sustainable equity investing by Guillaume Coqueret
  • Machine Learning for Factor Investing by Guillaume Coqueret